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Quick update

First of all Happy Australia Day All.

Had a busy day at uni yesterday. This time I was the old fart of the class. All the students were only about 20 and I was the old one. I didn't know anyone as I wasn't in my usual class as I elected to go to this class for one day to study Autism. Luckily next time I will have my usual class mates when I go back as it was the holiday class. Was interesting to learn of the different kinds of autism didn't know there was so many.

Next week is my birthday...Party time yay!!

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Well I have been busy lately. An knitting my friend a cushion. It has a range of blues and different greens and will have dark green tassels. It's coming along just nice she will love it when finished. I am also knitting myself a light pink headband.

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Rowan and Safari

People may ask if every seeing or guide dog you have owned if they are all the same. The answer is no.
Rowan is totally different to Safari. I love Rowan heaps but Safari will always be my special little boy.
Each dog has a different personality and a different working style.
One thing when I walk Rowan he holds his head up high and wags his tail like he is proud and sometimes with his walking it feels like he bounces as he is happy. Safari had his head straight but also wagged his tail like crazy.
Both very good workers.

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Rowan the seeing eye dog

Let me introduce you to my second seeing eye dog Rowan.
Rowan is 2 years old and was a sponsor dog in his litter. His siblings are Roy, Rex, River and Rolo.
He is a golden retriever and isn't reddish like safari was.
I have already got a bond with him.
I retired safari on may 22nd 2011 and 2 days later I was training with Rowan in kensington,.
Rowan works like a little champion and has so much energy.
I love you Rowan.

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Rowan the seeing eye dog

I would like to introduce you all to my beautiful seeing eye dog named Rowan.
Rowan is a 2 year old golden retriever and he has the following siblings Rex, Roy, Rolo and River.
Rowan was a sponsor dog for SEDA in Qld but he was brought down to Victoria to be in a cooler climate.
I trained with Rowan on may 23rd 2011. He is an adorable pooch. He is a little sweetly and I love him so much:)

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Long time since update

Hi peeps.
I'm posting this journal on my iPhone which is the first time for doing this am used to doing it on the computer.
Life has been going good. Rowan and I are a fantastic working team. I adore him so much. Will write more later am tired :)

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I Have My Flight Tickets

On December 9th, mum took me to my local flight centre and I booked my holiday to Tasmania. I can't wait to go. It's going to be my first time on a plane. I think it's pretty cool how Safari gets his own ticket.

I must admit I'm pretty darn nervous flying but excited at the same time.

I will be staying at Safari's puppy carers house so I will know someone where I'm staying.

I think Safari boy will be very excited to meet up with his puppy carer.

More news later.


I went to hospital for a week

On November 12th I got really sick. At exactly midnight I was up all night with gastro and couldn't stop vomiting. I was so drained off energy and at 5:30am I went into my parents room as they heard me that morning anyway and mum rang Maroondah hospital and they told her to get me straight down there.

At 6am we arrived at the emergency department and amazingly it only took 10 minutes to get in. They put me in the pediatrician ward and the first thing they did was put a canula in my arm and inject morphine. It was horrible as I vomited really hard when I received it but then a few seconds later it felt like I was in heaven. The pain had gone from my stomach and back and basically I was in la la land for awhile.

They then put me into a short stay area where I had a proper bed and not a stretcher. I stayed in a short stay room for 2 days which wasn't too bad as it was a private room. The only bad thing was the noise.

I had to be put on drips for 4 days which consisted of fluids,glucose and potassium.

My blood sugars were crazy they were going high and then in the end I kept having hypo's. My poor body was so tired, dizzy, weak and temperature changes.

On Friday night I was moved up to Ward 2 North room 16 into the isolation room. I couldn't see my family and the nurses and doctors had to gown up with capes,gloves and face masks.
It was so much quieter in the wards and had a private room yet again. The nurses were fantastic and some of them got me laughing even though I was in pain.
There was this one instance where a nurses called Linda was putting a canula back into my arm to inject an anti nausea drug that chemo patients have as it better then maxolin. She just slipped the canula in and this old senile lady comes into my room and said I want to go home to me. Then two other nurses had to come into my room to get her. Poor old lady. It's horrible to see them so confused. The funny thing was before she put the canula in I had the door shut and she bangs into my room and makes a clutter of a noise waking me up  Then she was joking with me.
Yesterday morning the canula was still in my wrist and it was horribly sore so I had to get the nurse to give me a shower. I thought I would be horribly embarrassed but I wasn't. Maybe because she was a female too. I had to sit in a shower chair due to my weakness. As it was a few days before I was in the shower and things went black and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the ground.

Yesterday I got home so I stayed in for a week and now I just feel awfully weak, tired, dizzy and nauseated. Sometimes I get the stomach cramps but I have tablets to help.

I have to see the doctor on Monday.

This morning mum came into my room and got me up as it was 10am. Heavens knows how long I would of slept I think I could sleep all day.

It will be awhile until I feel normal again.

Safari didn't see me for a week and a few times he got on my bed and would drag my items onto his bed but as soon as I got home he bounded straight on me and was talking constantly and then went charging around the backyard and I was delighted and felt like crying at the same time. I missed my Safari.

More news later.

Tiffany Got So Sick

On Sunday 9th November my brothers cat Tiffany got really sick. In the morning Tiffany was vomiting and mum went into my bathroom and discovered that there was blood on the floor. So we took Tiff straight to the vets. Peter had a good look at Tiffany and thought that she may have Pancreatitis as Tiff was very sore and tender in the pancreas region. Tiff also had a temperature of 40.5 which is quite high as a cats normal temperature is meant to be 38 degrees. Tiff also had some bloody diarrhea near her bottom which explains where the blood came from and so Peter had a look inside Tiff's bottom and she had broken a blood vessel in there.
Tiff had a few needles while we were there which included an anti inflammatory, anti nausea and a broad spectrum antibiotic and it was decided that we would leave Tiffany in the hospital.
The next morning on Monday the vet rang and said that Tiffany's temperature is still high and she is still not improving so he performed a blood test and put Tiff on an IV drip. My brother Jamie went up to the vets yesterday and poor Tiff was so sore and frightened that she wanted nothing to do with him. Tiff is not used to being away from her twin sister Smokie and us which explains her being scared plus she wouldn't understand why she was so sick.
Anyway this morning Peter rings up and gives us the news we were long awaiting for. The blood tests had arrived and shocked us.

It turns out Tiff didn't have Pancreatitis but severe liver damage and her muscles were breaking down and the pathologists report suggests this sort of damage is due to a snake bite. However as all our cats are strictly indoor animals the cause is from a white tail spider or something similar.
We were told that if it had of been a day later that we took Tiff to the vets, well our little girl would not be with us anymore. We didn't realise how sick little Tiff was. The poor little girl. The good news is that the IV drip has been flushing out all the toxins in Tiff's body and that she is peeing a lot and her temperature is starting to improve. This morning our vet is going to try Tiff on some dry cat food. If all goes well we will have Tiff home either this afternoon or tomorrow.

If Tiff comes home tomorrow it will be hers and her twin sister Smokies second birthday.

Smokie has been pining for her sister really bad. This morning she hardly ate. She hasn't played and she is really clingy and has her head hanging down. We have to reassure her that Tiff will be coming home.

I just want to thank Peter and the vet nurses for taking good care of Tiff. Without your nurture and care Tiff would not be hear today.

More news later on I have been really lazy in updating.


Bop It Extreme 2 and Catch up

On Saturday I met up with a good friend of mine called T and we went to Eastland for a coffee. Afterwards we went and got myself a nifty machine called a Bop it extreme 2. T has one and he used to play it while I was on he phone and as I already have the bop it download I thought I would get the Bop it extreme 2. I brought the bop it extreme for $34 and it is pink in colour. I always like to get girly colours and was rapt that I could get the bop it extreme in pink.
Afterwards I went back to T's house and we put both our Seeing Eye Dogs outside to play for the afternoon as it was a beautiful sunny day and we both got our bop it extreme 2 and played it all afternoon. It was so good to meet up with T again as I haven't seen him for awhile. At around 5:30pm my parents came and picked me up and poor Safari was so tired.

I must say that I prefer to play the bop it extreme 2 better then the download.

Here is a review of the bop it extreme 2 that I got from the internet:

Bop-It Extreme 2

Players respond to voice commands instructing them to Flick It, Twist It, Pull It, Spin It or Bop It. Five different attachments on the game handset represent each actions. Players have only a few seconds to respond to the commands to keep the game in play.

When a player makes a wrong move or reacts too slowly, a rather sarcastic voice responds and provides the score. After every 16 moves there is a brief pause and a change of background music.

Bop It Extreme 2 is an ideal game for school aged children to use to develop co-ordination and concentration skills.

There are three modes of game play:

  • Solo: Complete as many actions as possible before making a mistake.
  • Pass It: Players face each other or stand/sit in a circle. Each player responds to the commands until instructed to “Pass It”, when the game handset is passed to the next player.
  • One on One: Two players, each responsible for two actions, hold the handset and must complete the actions for their own commands as well as trying to beat the other player when responding to Bop It.

Bop It Extreme 2 Features

  • Adjustable volume – low, medium, high.
  • Beat Bop (voice command) or Vox Bop (sound command) options for all three modes of play.
  • Headphones option.
  • Non-slip grips on the handles of the game handset.
Hugs To All