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Melissa Ryan
3 February 1980
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(Bio Created: November 18th, 2005)
(Bio Updated on March 28th, 2010)

I'm a 30 year old blind female. My left eye is totally blind, but has some light perception in it. My right eye is near blind with hand movement vision that only picks up shadows and outlines really close.

I love to read a lot of Braille books basically socialising with people.

I do volunteer work for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia by helping in community education.

Another love of mine is sailing. Just recently I have gotten the confidence is go out sailing ny myself, but I need someone else in a sail boat following me as I don't know where I'm going.

The last few months I have just started up playing the piano again and real soon will be learning Braille Music. Have found that since I've gone blind that I can pick up tunes good by ear.

As of July 27th, 2006, SEDA rang me up and informed me that they think they have a suitable Dog Guide for me. I have been for a few walks with him and had him sleep over for one night and on August 3rd, I got an official phone call to say that I now have a dog guide and will be training with him on August 28th. As I am a fast learner and had a good working team with Safari my trainer graduated us on September 15th.

Will tell you about my Seeing Eye Dog. His name is Safari and he is a 5 year old Golden Retriever and is the most adorable dog around. Safari was born on the 5th September,2003 and has pure Golden Retriever parents named Bella- Rose and Cody. Safari has 5 other working siblings named Santo,Shelby,Sarina,Storm and Sabre and his brother Shadow didn't make the training.
I have made a new journal up for my Seeing Eye Dog experiences and will write any personal stuff in here. Safari's livejournal address is: Safari_gdj. Feel free to add yourself as a friend there and to read about our adventures there!!!

my pet!